Lore Joplin Consulting


Facilitation: A skilled facilitator assists groups to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. I provide facilitation of both small and large, single or multi-stakeholder work sessions. I can help you think through your planning process, conduct information gathering interviews and surveys, and ensure that work sessions are productive and meet your stated goals.
Collaboration: Are you interested in reaching out to your stakeholders and/or partners? Collaboration can help your organization achieve results that would be impossible on your own. Collaboration builds trust and valuable relationships, ensures more informed planning and implementation, and leads to enhanced outcomes. I can design surveys, conduct interviews, and facilitate meetings with your key stakeholders to explore how you can best work together to achieve common goals.
Planning: I facilitate both strategic and tactical planning processes. Strategic plans are usually high level plans that focus on an organization's vision and plan for the next three to five years.  A tactical plan is much more detailed and includes action steps, assigns responsibility to individuals, and identifies due dates.
Systems Analysis: Do you know where the gaps are in your system? Are you monitoring data at each decision point? I can help you map out the decision points in your system, conduct analysis of fiscal and other data, identify gaps, develop a data dash board, and identify leverage points to improve system performance.